Desarrolla tus habilidades de liderazgo

¡Haz que tu equipo sea imparable!

Unlock the power of commitment

  • Module #1: Building up Trust

  • Module #2: The Art of Understanding - beyond active listening

  • Module #3: Decision Making & Involvement

  • Module #4: Unlock the power of commitment

  • Module #5: Uplift your team's performance by cultivating a growth mindset

5 Trainings Modules à 3 hours - Combine & extend them as you need

Maximize your team's potential

grayscale photo of man and woman holding their handsgrayscale photo of man and woman holding their hands

Finally Trainings that Adapt to Your Business Needs!

By fully committing to a goal, vision, and a team, individuals can tap into their capabilities and achieve remarkable results. Combine this 5 modules together and experience the power of commitment!

Reach your team's full potential and achieve better results. Embark on a transformative journey where you'll gain the tools and support to foster personal and team growth, leading to enhanced performance and exceptional outcomes.

  • Module #1: Self-awareness & communication

  • Module #2: Motivation

  • Module #3: Leading as a coach

  • Module #4: Feedback culture (for real)

  • Module #5: Iteration & growth

5 Trainings Modules à 3 hours - Combine & extendthem as you need

How does the collaboration works?

Get to know (approx. 30 min)


Strategy Talk


This talk is about getting to know each other. I'll strive to offer substantial insights while suggesting various collaboration options tailored to your unique circumstances.

Once we determine that I can genuinely support you, we collaboratively assess our compatibility—a mutual vibe check. Feel free to take the time you need.

If it aligns with both parties, we will collaborate to precisely assess the needs and goals of you, your team, and your organization. We will then define a roadmap for our continued collaboration.

Your Leadership Development Programm is starting! I will design your your tailored programm and take you, your team and your organization to the next level!





Ignite Team Spirit!

Check out the offers of Team Workshops & Team Building

Find what you need

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hand tool on wall

Leadership Toolbox

Here are some of the topics I can assist you with or customize a training for:

  • Decision making & Time management

  • Team culture & team dynamics 

  • Feedback culture & methods

  • Agile mindset & methodologies

  • Discussion & brainstorming methods

  • Low Performer Management

  • Meaningful Interactive Activities

  • Service & Customer Mindset

  • Conflict Management

  • Change Management

  • Communication & presentation skills

  • Recruiting 6 Interviews

  • Efficient & effective meetings culture

  • Among others. Just ask.

Improve Team Decision-Making

Discover new Strategies & Methodologies

I understand that team decision-making can be time-consuming. Don't waste any more time. Reach out to me today for support in finding more efficient & effective approaches.

Start your Leadership Journey Today

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Premium Leadership Mentoring

Are you on the path to a leadership role or witnessing your team's expansion? Navigating initial conflicts, recruitment hurdles, or unexplained departures?

Collaboratively, I will assess your existing leadership stage and needs, crafting a personalized coaching plan designed to propel you, your team and your business to new heights!

Target Group: Managers & leaders at the beginning of their leadership career and people who want to grow into a leadership role.

a person swimming in the ocean near a coral reefa person swimming in the ocean near a coral reef

Elevate Yourself and Your Team to Peak Efficiency. Embark on a Self-Discovery and Reflection Journey with Profound Insights.

This programm draws from S. Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" book, enriched with contemporary theories, fresh perspectives and own experiences.

Target Group: Managers & leaders with some years of leadership experience.

Deep dive discovery - Next level

Can't find what you need? Reach out via WhatsApp, email, or phone, and let's discover how I can assist you.

Leadership Training 1 Module

(3 hours):

600 EUR

Full day Trainging (7 hours):

1200 EUR

Leadership Coaching (approx. 60 min):

150 EUR



5 Training modules within 5 weeks

5x3 hours training

2.750 EUR

3 Full days within 1 Month

3x Full day Training

3.300 EUR

*Prices are without VAT

*For on-site trainings extra costs may apply

Individual Leadership Journey

Weekly Coaching Session

+ Flat Rate Short Consultations

650 EUR/Month