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Personal & Professional Growth


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Coaching Sessions

Ignite your potential

These sessions are designed to provide you with insights, actionable strategies, and a motivational boost. Whether you're tackling a specific challenge or seeking inspiration the Coaching sessions will help you make the most of your time and propel you forward with newfound energy and direction.

Duration: Each unit is approximately 45 minutes, with the option to extend.

Individual coaching

Online & in-person: In-Person only in Berlin available

Mentoring Programm

Take the reins of your life

The mentoring program complements your coaching sessions with a "Coaching Flat Rate", enabling you to reach out via WhatsApp anytime. I'll respond within 24 hours, offering guidance for spontaneous challenges, decisions, or conflict resolution.

The mentoring programm enables us to navigate complexities, identify patterns, and create personalized roadmaps for sustainable growth.

Duration: Each unit spans one month.

Individual coaching

Online: communication over phone & text messages

Duration: 3-5 hours

Group workshops: 3-8 people

In-Person: Berlin

One size does not fit all.

Tailored Coaching for Your Unique Journey

Embrace your individuality. My coaching approach is crafted to suit your specific needs and aspirations. Together, we'll navigate your path to success, with strategies as unique as you are.

Not easy to choose your coach? With me you have enough time and opportunities to get to know me

Get to know (approx. 20 min)


Test Coaching session


This talk is not binding. Is about getting to know each other. I'll strive to offer substantial insights while suggesting various collaboration options tailored to your unique circumstances.

Once we determine that I can genuinely support you, we collaboratively assess our compatibility—a mutual vibe check. Feel free to take the time you need.

Enjoy a complimentary 45-minute coaching session. Explore if ongoing coaching with me aligns with your needs and goals.

Your coaching journey beginns! We'll regularly assess your needs and progress, making adjustments as needed. Flexibility is key throughout the process.





Workshops in Berlin

Do you ever find yourself overreacting?

I can relate, I've been there too.

Discover strategies to respond without post-reaction guilt. It's not about suppressing emotions but shifting perspectives. Let's connect and navigate your challenges together.

Coaching Session (approx. 45min):

75 EUR

Deep Dive Coaching Session (approx. 90min):

130 EUR

Mentoring basic program (4 weeks flat rate & 1 coaching session):

190 EUR



Book 2 sessions within 4 weeks

2x 45min Coaching session:

130 EUR


2x 90min Deep Dive Coaching:

220 EUR

Mentoring Programm Upgrade

Mentoring Basic + 2nd Coaching Session (approx. 45 min)

240 EUR

PREMIUM Mentoring

Mentoring Basic +2 Deep Dive Coaching (90 min each approx):

350 EUR

*Prices includes VAT