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Team Building

Team Workshops

Ignite team spirit!

The tailor-made team workshops ignite transformation by fostering collaboration, communication, and connections.

The workshops blend entertainment and learning, offering dynamic activities and facilitated discussions. Depending on the workshop, I also introduce improv-based exercises to enhance the experience.

Duration: as per request

Group sessions: 4 -15 people

Online & in-person: for in-person extra costs may apply

Team Events

Un equipo unido es un equipo fuerte

Are you seeking an engaging and unique team event in Berlin? Discover a variety of activities tailored to your preferences.

From improvisation theater workshops to beach volleyball games, we can organize a range of activities to suit every taste and preference.

Duration: as per request

Groups: 4 to 60 people depending on the event

Available In-Person & only in Berlin

Get inspired for your Team Event

Wich kind of activities could be organized for a team building event?

Activities: Improvised-Cooking, Karaoke, Zip line, laser tag, ice skating, bouldering, bowling, boat tour, karts, grill with Karaoke at the park, playing padel

Workshops: Improv-theater, rap, clowning, improv-singing

Shows: Improv-theater, full music band, stand up comedy, accoustic music

All this can be combined with a workshop (e.g. communciation), with a dinner/lunch/catering or other activities you have on mind.

For those looking for a more intimate experience, I can arrange private band concerts, stand up comedy or improvisation theater shows, where you can just sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

Foster genuine connections with your online team!

Going from virtual to real - Workshop

The benefits of online work are evident, yet the true value emerges when you gather with your team for profound interactions that foster deeper connections. Contact me to design a workshop that will strengthen your team's bond.

Ihno Kittel, Manager Talent Acquisition, BASF

(...)Thank you very much again for the really great workshop! The whole team really enjoyed it and we will continue to build on the concepts you taught us. We have already spoken intensively about it this week and will definitely use the tools and methods!

The feedback from the team was completely positive - both about the training and about the models and you as a trainer. The colleagues were really enthusiastic about your relaxed, but at the same time very direct manner! (...)

(...)I personally experienced the workshop as very precise and pleasant. Your way of involving people and presenting the exercises was great! In particular, the choice of exercises and methods was excellent and perfectly suited to my team and the situation we are currently in! (...)

Team workshop. Communication & Collaboration

Cäcilia Sauer -Manager B2R - BASF

(...) In fact, it was mentioned positively several times at the joint team event and in the review of the team days!

So a few notes: It was fun; The format was great, the games were never overwrought; You get to know the team in a different way; You with your energy were impressive; It is also recommended for other teams (...)

(...) In any case, I have to say a huge thank you! It was a really enriching workshop and a great start! (...)

Team Workshop. From virtual to real.

With my commitment, network, and creativity, your team building event & team workshop is guaranteed to be a success.

Don't wait any longer and let's start planning your next team-building experience!

Contact me to create a customized package that fits your unique needs and budget.